Be My Bro: Victory is here

Victory is here

Finally, the land operation and en sha'a Allah it will be a failure like the air operation. Tell me why did israel bomb Gaza for 8 days if they said that on the first day the destroyed %70-80 of Hamas capability. The answer is simple, they lied.

The original plan was that the first phase of air strikes will last one day and the next day it will be the land assault. They wanted to shock and dismantle Hamas physically and psychologically with the massive air assault on the first day. The second phase is a land assault to liquefy Hamas which should have been in total shock. Can you say ultimate failure?

Hamas was aware and ready for any Zionist aggression because as they said "they can't be trusted". Hamas had totally reorganized its map of operations as the emergency plan so the targets of the Israeli fighter jets were virtually nothing. The six months of studying Hamas location and movements have proven to go down the train as Hamas have been readying a super surprise for the Zionists. The 25,000 strong Hamas have only lost 200-250 men in the eight days of air strikes. Israel was the one in shock and awe because for 8 days it didn’t know what to do for the first phase which is the most important one has failed.

Now after eight days they find themselves forced to do something and fast to save its self from the humiliation of defeat of not achieving its goal against a group of militants. So they move for the land invasion and the officals have tottaly changed their tone about the goals. Now all they want is to teach Hamas a lesson that’s all.

Hamas even during the land assault have fired rockets into israel and on a military base as well. Sense the early 30 minutes of the land assaults Israeli casualties have been recorded. Hamas's moral is high and its confidence is solid which is obvious from the statements they make. Israel television is admitting that the Israeli forces are facing a really hard time and Hamas have kept them at bay until now. Israel which is supposed to be one of the strongest countries in the word is struggling against a group of militants in an area of 300 Km.

Hamas speakers have announced that they are well prepared and driven by revenge. Also they have advised the people of Gaza not to heed the rumors that the israelis might spread and to have faith in the resistance capabilities. Promising more "shaleets" and asking people just to wait until the sun comes out and the smoke to clear to see the real results on the ground.

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    You guys are really nuts!