Be My Bro: Death trap

Death trap

Field of Death: Gaza

Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

Time is what israel wants and what America is giving. May I note once again the similarities between 2006 war and this one? Israel theoretically has a week and 10 days to score some achievements and is finding that the building international pressure is unexpectedly fast. Venezuela kicked out israel's ambassador and Obama finally spoke and "showed concern" to the war in Gaza. The European union is "afraid" about the situation as well. The United Nations is in an embarrassing situation for not being able to implement international law and the Arab leaders are threatening that they can't maintain their people much longer.

Israel thought it can get away with it but it reflected very badly. The tyranny reached a level of no return and afflicted self damage that will cost israel dearly. Targeting civilians in their homes hospitals schools and in U.N. buildings without any respect to anyone have passed the limits of tyranny. The U.N obviously was insulted because of today's massacre that killed 135 refugees which raised the number of casualties to more than 660 killed and 2950 plus injured. Most of them are notably children and women. Israel didn’t respect U.N flag on top of the building. That proves that the U.N is corrupt and it should dismantle itself for it can't uphold its laws. Very embracing indeed and will be recorded in history.

Newspapers in israel varied between articles that calls officials to admit defeat and those that try to give excuses for not achieving the "goals". The occupation force still tries to hide its loses and casualties but time exposes them. The claim that those "6" Israeli soldiers that died due to friendly fire and gave details to how that happened yet the resistance broadcasting a video of a sniping and a mortar attack on israelies which exposed the Israeli claims and supported everything the resistance declared. Today Ezzedeen Al-Qassam brigades announced that 21 israeli soldiers are killed and 79 injured and the enemy is hiding his loses. Israel admitted after denying that a field commander have died and continually change the dead numbers from 1 to 3 to 5 to 6 and claim its friendly fire in most cases and the 80 injured are injured lightly. I wonder if they counted the two that died in the hospital.

Another field commander said that in three days the enemy couldn’t proceed one "span of a hand" which is true as they are still fighting in open fields. Fighter jets and aircraft fill the skies of Gaza and seem to be more than the troops on the ground and still no improvement. The Israeli newspapers tries to explain this failure by giving detailed analysis and using field terms and say that these are phases an that they are combing the open field areas first etc which makes you wonder about early statements and the heavy bombardments that contradict this excuse. Maybe they should change the operation name from "Cast lead" to "Passive-aggressive lead".

There is a danger however from this American Israeli move which some analysts say its aim is to kill the two state solution as well as the one state solution and attach Gaza to Egypt and the West bank to Jordan so israel can have the rest without anyone asking for their right or any refugee returning back. The middle-east leaders are aware of this plot so are the Europeans. There is a proposal of bringing U.N. forces to Gaza which was denied by both Hamas and israel. Today israel seems to give indications of approval. Hamas said "If any family sends their sons with the U.N peace keeping force we will only consider them as enemy combatants because the U.N have never helped our nations but only protects the enemy".

After Erdogan's statements as the prime minister of Turkey, Venezuela shutting down of the Israeli embassy, the U.N launching an investigation on the targeting of structure that belongs to it, increasing threats of war crime charges alongside the increasing number of protests worldwide israel finds itself in a tough position were it either saves its reputation as a killing war machine and continue the onslaught of civilians or loose the reputation with all the image damage it caused itself and just bail out like a poker player that went to far and has to accept his loses and the upcoming difficulties. Now, it agrees to opening life saving crossings it seems after all the pressure to combat exposing its barbaric image.

It's goals and objectives of the operation have changed dramatically yet they have to deny it with shame. Very similar to 2006 where they said they wanted to end Hizbullah but then they said they wanted to stop the rockets and when nothing of that happened they just said oh well we just wanted to teach them a lesson. The reality was that israel had to agree to terms Hizbullah made Hizbullah got all his objectives done and traded the soldiers with captives. Here israel said they want to "end Hamas" then it was to "change the reality on the ground" then it was "to stop the rockets" then it was to "capture main rocket locations" then it was to "limit the rocket capabilities" then it was to "shorten the range of the rockets" and now its only to "teach Hamas a lesson". Well, The rockets have reached way further than they expected and continue to shoot regularly every day from between the tanks and the air strikes. The Israeli army with all its elite units couldn’t capture a hill yet and for three days. Not to mention that the city battle (main battle) didn’t start yet. It suffered casualties and loses along with humiliation and shame against a group of local resistance groups.

Hamas will only gain a stronger presence and a heavier weight in the political field after this and which is exactly the opposite of the Israeli goal. That’s why israel is desperate to finish the job even if it meant breaking all human codes and international laws. They say Hamas will think twice before firing a rocket on israel again because of what happened but the reality is that israel will also think twice before attacking Hamas for sure. After in have known its capabilities it will have no choice but to respect its power and fear it like it does with Iran. If once wasn’t enough the twice will hurt you more. If israel didn’t learn a lesson from the trap of Lebanon then the swamp of Gaza will surely smack that arrogance out of it.

  1. Comment by bluerim on January 6, 2009 at 10:54 PM  

    Mashallah akhi this is wonderful. All of your articles, if I can say that instead of "blog" because I just feel like I'm reading from a Newspaper they're so good, are so detailed and give good statistics, keep the reader reading, have photos for even more detail, and even some humour in these morose times. I want to say Mabrook to you on your great efforts and insha Allah you get millions upon millions of readers :) Really think about writing for a paper or an online report site. It's nice to know others share my views, and I'm just not an insane Muslim ninja. What?...
    Mashallah and Jazakallah Kheir, please keep up this great work, and wallahi God willing I will be back to read your next blog.
    Your sister.

  2. Comment by sadia on January 7, 2009 at 4:34 AM  

    the pictures are heartbreaking.