Be My Bro: The Chosen People (Real ones)

The Chosen People (Real ones)

7th day of the israeli massacre on the Gaza people is over. 431 murdered and over 2280 are injured. 74 among the dead are children and 26 are women which leaves us with 333 dead men. Hamas declared that about 200 of its men were martyred which leaves us with 133 men that are not affiliated with Hamas. Put in mind that Hamas is a government that has a militant branch so those 200 killed from Hamas are not all militants but employees, doctors, ministers and office clerks etc. So this means that out of the 431 that have fallen in the Israeli attacks 233 were civilians. Also put in mind that Hamas is 25,000 men strong. So these air strikes did nothing but violate international laws.

On the first day of the attack about 150 died in the first 30 minutes where 60 F16 fighter jets attacked Gaza. Let me ask the reader, why would you need 60 fighter jets to bomb Hamas? Does Hamas have anti-aircraft missiles? Does Hamas have tanks? Does Hamas have any weaponry that should be found in a regular army? The answer of course is NO. Hamas weaponry are old AK-47s some RPGs some grenades and some IEDs that they make themselves. Just the regular resistance weaponry package. Now with all the sophisticated technology can you tell me did Israel win the war yet?

Israel "bank of targets" have obviously ran out for it is reported that they have been bombing the same sites over and over again just to create a sense of continuity. The truth is that they are bankrupt but fear a land move and waiting for an opening to achieve success so they can avoid the land assault. Extremely similar to 2006s war the scenario seems to play itself out. Israel wants a deal that will keep the blockade on Gaza but stops the rockets. They obviously made wrong calculations again for it only means that the blockade must be lifted and Hamas isn’t selling out and promises dark surprises.

Foreigners were allowed to leave Gaza today. They are about 400 many of them are women married to Palestinian men. Also israel allowed some aid to enter Gaza but refused to allow the aid trucks of other countries such as Qatar. This move is obviously to try and defend itself later on when it is accused with genocide or human rights violations. Allowing the 400 foreigners to leave can be translated in many ways. One of them is a near land move but that’s not necessarily true. For a total land assault Israel will need at least 30,000 soldiers and that’s not the number available on the border. Some say that the land operation could be limited attacks and withdrawals if indeed israel gets the courage to actually start it.

On the other hand, Khalid Misha'al the head of the political office of Hamas has warned and promised israel a black fate and an other "Shaleet". He said that Hamas is well prepared for this battle and their internal front is solid and was not shaken by the Israeli attacks. Reality on the ground confirms his statement as after a week of the Israeli assault rockets are still fired on israel where israel told israelis in further cities to be on standby to hit the shelters in case of a Hamas attack.

Honestly what a cowardly bunch. Only 4 israelis were killed sense the end of the truce and these people are having panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. Their internal security chief had to duck under his car and lay next to his tires out of fear from a Qassam rocket. What a bunch of cowards those israelis are but when you turn to the Palestinians you see epic sagas of bravery being filmed. Families with only one member surviving talk to the camera and say "we will continue resisting, we back the Heroes Hamas and we will never surrender" or a man next to his injured son when asked how do you feel he says "This is our fate and we accept it and en sha'a Allah we will continue resisting".

This reminds me of two videos I saw today that disturbed me but also gave me hope. The first was a video of women from Gaza that had their families killed by the israelis that vowed their bodies to become bombs that will burn the bodies of the Israeli soldiers that think of entering their homes in case of a land oppression.

The second video is very graphic and it will make you understand why these women vow their body to become martyrs. Its the aftermath of a cowardly Israeli air strike on civilians were you see kids and men scattered in a pile with only two Hamas warriors among the martyrs. Very shortly Hamas lions come to the site and help clear the injured with the Gazans and saying good by to their dead friends in a spectacular moment of zeal. Just ask yourself why so many kids have to die by israelis? And why are they targeting civilians indiscriminately?

Today Israeli leaflets were thrown by planes on Gaza with Israeli terror messages. Terrorizing them that they will face the same fate of the "terrorists" if they help them and that they must call the number provided to inform them of "terrorist" locations. Of course the word "terrorists" is directed to Hamas the democratically eelected goverment that fights for rights given to it by UN resolutions. Now one understands why israel was targeting civilians. Its to strike fear into the rest of the people of Gaza and that they should not think for one minute that they wont be slaughtered if they do not cooperate. But the people of Gaza are not like any other people. They took the leaflets and laughed and tore them to pieces were some burned them or stepped on them. "These tactics won't work on us" one said. The people of Gaza are my new love, my new admiration. Their zeal is of biblical proportion and I wish I was amongst them. This is indeed Goliath vs. David and we all know who wins that one. They are without any doubt the real chosen people.