Be My Bro: January 2009

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Actions speak louder than words

The Zionist state has lost. Even their Zionist newspaper says so. They have started giving excuses for the "strategic mistakes". That’s why the stupid arrogant Zionists are exceeding all limits by targeting civilians and U.N organization like the UNRWA as even after the whole hustle of targeting its schools the next day they target their men even with prior agreed upon arrangements. That made the UNRWA stop all activities in the Gaza strip and leave the people of Gaza starving. Of course israel denies such claims and point fingers at the UNRWA the Red Cross and Ban Ki-moon.

The U.N finds itself in a very embarrassing situation and the political battle is even more fierce that the ground battle. Israel has burned its cards it seems. Trying to find an exit from the idiocy it fell in and the grave mistakes that will always haunt it israel seems stretched out on all sides for fighting the local resistance in an area of 300,000 Km2.

The longer this keeps on the more loses the Zionists will gain on the ground and politically. Yet it's too embracing to withdraw without any success. That’s why "israel" is desperate to find any achievements and call anything a success. Just go watch videos on statements before the war and statements now. Trying to keep their cool is obviously not working very well.

The hatred in this Zionist ideology is amazing to be found in such times. Statements of total inhalation of the Palestinians shouldn’t be said by state officials or senior religious figures but they are being made and know one understands Hebrew and of course those who do don’t want to translate it. I bet billions of dollars will be spent on rebuilding the Zionist image that showed its true face to the world thinking it is above the law.

Tell me, why would an army execute civilians in front of their families and kill mothers in front of their children and leave them to rot for 4 days until the brave medics venture to them? What makes a country destroy all the infrastructure and level wide areas by bombing all the homes in it on the roof of its inhabitants or occasionally by warning them five minutes before the strike? It’s the hatred inside of these people. It’s the racist sick twisted ideology that considers everyone else as Goyims.

What a repulsive country with repulsive people. I'm not racist but this is disgusting. Is it racist to hate the Nazis? Why can't you hate the offspring called Zionism? This so called advanced free country publicly allows torture and they have just kidnapped civilians from the Gaza strip to torture them into giving them details on the resistance. By the way doesn’t this mean that they failed with their ever so changing objectives?

In other news the resistance still is hammering the Zionists were with all their high tech equipment and "elite" forces they still couldn’t enter Gaza and are in the field and in some houses on the perimeters of the urban areas. Getting sniped by the resistance of course. I wonder how long they will be able to hide their casualties. The Israeli public seems to believe the resistance more than their official which is really sad.

The rockets fired from Lebanon were cool. I wonder how many israelis pooped a little. Honestly, doesn't israel seem like a gambler that doesn’t know when to quite? It must understand that equipment doesn’t make an army but it is men that do and they don’t have that. They are afraid to go in because they know that the Mujahideen are stronger. I dare one of them to enter one of the tunnels that the Mujahideen move through even if it was %100 percent empty of any Mujahid. Keep bombing civilians from thousands of feet's above the ground and call them cowards. Its okay, we know that you know that you are cowards, and we know that you know that we know that you are.

When your "elite" are just needle neck kids with American guns and flashy equipment you should understand that you're not going anywhere. You lost twice against only political factions the second whom you even blockaded as if we were in medieval times yet still couldn’t defeat them. Hoping that the people of Gaza would flee all together to Egypt in fear of being killed like you made many people fee before. Bombing public facilities homes fields U.N facilities and religious sanctuaries and random cars to tell the people there is no safe place for you here. Yet you see that you can't shake these peoples determination to die on their land. Your time of tyranny is almost over and the people you're fighting are not the natives Americans but politically mature educated people that know the consequences of their moves.

All attempts and progress in "coexisting" and "peace" have been destroyed by the Zionists and all "moderate" voices have became "extreme" now and for many generations to come. I pray that you can swim.

Death trap

Field of Death: Gaza

Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

Time is what israel wants and what America is giving. May I note once again the similarities between 2006 war and this one? Israel theoretically has a week and 10 days to score some achievements and is finding that the building international pressure is unexpectedly fast. Venezuela kicked out israel's ambassador and Obama finally spoke and "showed concern" to the war in Gaza. The European union is "afraid" about the situation as well. The United Nations is in an embarrassing situation for not being able to implement international law and the Arab leaders are threatening that they can't maintain their people much longer.

Israel thought it can get away with it but it reflected very badly. The tyranny reached a level of no return and afflicted self damage that will cost israel dearly. Targeting civilians in their homes hospitals schools and in U.N. buildings without any respect to anyone have passed the limits of tyranny. The U.N obviously was insulted because of today's massacre that killed 135 refugees which raised the number of casualties to more than 660 killed and 2950 plus injured. Most of them are notably children and women. Israel didn’t respect U.N flag on top of the building. That proves that the U.N is corrupt and it should dismantle itself for it can't uphold its laws. Very embracing indeed and will be recorded in history.

Newspapers in israel varied between articles that calls officials to admit defeat and those that try to give excuses for not achieving the "goals". The occupation force still tries to hide its loses and casualties but time exposes them. The claim that those "6" Israeli soldiers that died due to friendly fire and gave details to how that happened yet the resistance broadcasting a video of a sniping and a mortar attack on israelies which exposed the Israeli claims and supported everything the resistance declared. Today Ezzedeen Al-Qassam brigades announced that 21 israeli soldiers are killed and 79 injured and the enemy is hiding his loses. Israel admitted after denying that a field commander have died and continually change the dead numbers from 1 to 3 to 5 to 6 and claim its friendly fire in most cases and the 80 injured are injured lightly. I wonder if they counted the two that died in the hospital.

Another field commander said that in three days the enemy couldn’t proceed one "span of a hand" which is true as they are still fighting in open fields. Fighter jets and aircraft fill the skies of Gaza and seem to be more than the troops on the ground and still no improvement. The Israeli newspapers tries to explain this failure by giving detailed analysis and using field terms and say that these are phases an that they are combing the open field areas first etc which makes you wonder about early statements and the heavy bombardments that contradict this excuse. Maybe they should change the operation name from "Cast lead" to "Passive-aggressive lead".

There is a danger however from this American Israeli move which some analysts say its aim is to kill the two state solution as well as the one state solution and attach Gaza to Egypt and the West bank to Jordan so israel can have the rest without anyone asking for their right or any refugee returning back. The middle-east leaders are aware of this plot so are the Europeans. There is a proposal of bringing U.N. forces to Gaza which was denied by both Hamas and israel. Today israel seems to give indications of approval. Hamas said "If any family sends their sons with the U.N peace keeping force we will only consider them as enemy combatants because the U.N have never helped our nations but only protects the enemy".

After Erdogan's statements as the prime minister of Turkey, Venezuela shutting down of the Israeli embassy, the U.N launching an investigation on the targeting of structure that belongs to it, increasing threats of war crime charges alongside the increasing number of protests worldwide israel finds itself in a tough position were it either saves its reputation as a killing war machine and continue the onslaught of civilians or loose the reputation with all the image damage it caused itself and just bail out like a poker player that went to far and has to accept his loses and the upcoming difficulties. Now, it agrees to opening life saving crossings it seems after all the pressure to combat exposing its barbaric image.

It's goals and objectives of the operation have changed dramatically yet they have to deny it with shame. Very similar to 2006 where they said they wanted to end Hizbullah but then they said they wanted to stop the rockets and when nothing of that happened they just said oh well we just wanted to teach them a lesson. The reality was that israel had to agree to terms Hizbullah made Hizbullah got all his objectives done and traded the soldiers with captives. Here israel said they want to "end Hamas" then it was to "change the reality on the ground" then it was "to stop the rockets" then it was to "capture main rocket locations" then it was to "limit the rocket capabilities" then it was to "shorten the range of the rockets" and now its only to "teach Hamas a lesson". Well, The rockets have reached way further than they expected and continue to shoot regularly every day from between the tanks and the air strikes. The Israeli army with all its elite units couldn’t capture a hill yet and for three days. Not to mention that the city battle (main battle) didn’t start yet. It suffered casualties and loses along with humiliation and shame against a group of local resistance groups.

Hamas will only gain a stronger presence and a heavier weight in the political field after this and which is exactly the opposite of the Israeli goal. That’s why israel is desperate to finish the job even if it meant breaking all human codes and international laws. They say Hamas will think twice before firing a rocket on israel again because of what happened but the reality is that israel will also think twice before attacking Hamas for sure. After in have known its capabilities it will have no choice but to respect its power and fear it like it does with Iran. If once wasn’t enough the twice will hurt you more. If israel didn’t learn a lesson from the trap of Lebanon then the swamp of Gaza will surely smack that arrogance out of it.

There is no win for israel

Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

Well what can I say? What a busy day. Surely to go down in history as Spartans of 2009 (Gaza). Unmatched bravery vs. unmatched cowardliness appear as clear as day and night. Israel so frustrated started executing Gazans indiscriminately.

Israel has indeed without any doubt fallen in the swamp of Gaza. Political efforts are trying to help it bail out but israel is still trying desperately to achieve any kind of victory that it can leave with specially with the awful and horrible record of over 550 dead Palestinians most of them civilians with at least 30% of them to be children.

Rockets, missiles, shells, RPGs, IEDs, gun battles and booby-traps filled today's battles. Tanks exploding and choppers falling. The highlight of the night battle until now must be the booby-trapped house that the resistance led Israeli Special Forces into and then detonated the house killing 3 israelis soldiers and injuring 30. They didn’t see that coming I guess.

The speech that Abu Ubaida the official spokesman of Ezzedeen Al-Qassam brigades gave today was Epic indeed. Calm, collective, confident, promising surprises and humorous as well. I'm not going to bother writing what he said in his speech but you should watch it its good.

Still what broke my heart and still pains me is the image of those poor people who lost their families. Whole families were killed with some having one survivor ether a father who lost his children wife parents brothers sisters and of course his home or a child who is left alone and unknown on the rubbles of his house and the remains of his family. 550 plus killed and 2500 plus inured with no medical care available.

Hospitals have been targeted 9 paramedics and a couple of doctors. I guess they were hiding resistance fighters in their pockets. Mosques targeted during prayer. Children in the fields and people in their homes. After all that they ask of them not to support the resistance. Good luck with that.

Grad missiles have reached far into israel going further than 40 kilometers and striking 3 israeli air bases and getting closer to Dimona nuclear facility. These home made rockets have destroyed the Israeli defense theory.

Well israel better get their lawyers ready. Tons of lawyers worldwide are preparing war crime chargers against israel. The Europian union is re arranging it thoughts and stances and i would like here to thank the Belgium for their brave and honorable stance aside the palestinians. Muritania have called its israeli ambasador to study cutting the relations between the two. The crowads of the world have protested all over the world and they pressured their goverments to break the silance. Right now israels best friend is W. Bush and that should say a lot.


Al Salam alykom.

I can't describe the joy in my heart even though it's filled with sorrow over all the lost innocent people. Sense last night land incursion Israelis were given a huge shock and awe effect that just backfired really bad. When you prepare something this big and bomb continuasly civilians like it is WW2 then you expect those civilians to be shocked and in awe but when you find that they are not and you suffer casualties and struggle against a local resistance then you become in shock and awe.

The Israeli army is in deep poo poo. The timing was just 2 days before Nikola Sarkozi's "Monday visit" where he brings "an important proposal". If it was so important why was it delayed all this time until moday? It's because it’s the escape plan for israel. It was delayed so israel can achieve its objectives by then.

Israel attack was a failure. It wasn’t able to make any improvement on the ground and now time is ticking. It’s a definite failure and a second brand of disgrace.

Let's talk numbers, 12 israeli pigs were announced killed and over 60 injured and sense then the resistance have sniped 5 israelis and several destroyed tanks with explosive devices and with anti tank P29 rockets one destroyed helicopter in mid air and another had to make an emergency landing 45 rockets have struck israel in many parts most importantly Tsleem military base which is the biggest southern base. The best part is that Hamas kidnapped 2 israeli soldiers.

Israel as usual has been flip flopping and acting all cool as if this is part of the plan. Calling it phase one and phase two and phase whatever. Yeah im sure that getting kicked in the thought is part of the plan. First they denied any casualties then they admitted by the morning 30 injuries and we all saw how they were crying while being taken to the emergency room. We all knew that they were lying and the casualties were much bigger than that they later said that two among the 30 were in a critical condition then they admitted that one was killed then they claimed that 35 were injured. Now they change their mind again and declarethat 52 were injured so they get close to the Hamas claim but stick to one killed Israeli soldier. News of the death of the 2 in critical situation have risen but israel still holds to the one killed soldier while more reports about sniped and bombed soldiers arise.

Now for the second night 1000 sites have been targeted with the air strikes and the Israeli troops still couldn’t enter the urban streets of Gaza and still are roaming in the fields. Nice "land operation" you got there. Frustrated with the situation israel intensified bombing civilians where more that 70 fell dead in their homes most of them which are children. The bombed mosques and hospitals filled with injured civilians from previous cowardly air strikes. What cowards they are. Maybe they should send in their women soldiers so they can be booty for Hamas fighters. Taking revenge of their failure on killing women and children isn’t new to israel.

It seems that israel is in a situation were failure can not be an option even of they massacre the whole people of Gaza. They are recruiting 30,000 israelis reserves right now and call it part of the plan. If it was part of the plan why didn’t you do it before should you be ready? Why should the counsel of pigs certify it on Sunday if it was part of the plan? Or is it out of desperation? The resistance said "Even if they drop a nuke on us there will still be a resistance" local inhabitants said "We want to die here we will starve here and we will not go anywhere".

Israel started a mass detaining campaign against the inhabitants at the border of the cities. I swear these people of Gaza have gone through worst that what the holocaust jews went through by now. May Allah destroy the israelis on the hands of the resistance. They have shoed their cowardliness and the resistance have showed its bravery. The whole world is watching and history is being written and this will no go in vain.

On the political front they are loosing as well. The European union have withdrawn its claim that the attack on Gaza was defensive and riots are boiling everywhere in the world. "Anti-Semitism" is rising again but this time they can't counter is with the holocaust claim because that’s exactly what their doing. The Emir of the state of Qatar which is a very liberal state in the field of foreign relations had adopted Hamas so did many other countries stance and Turkey will represent Hamas in the UN. Yup, israel screwed this one real bad.

Victory is here

Finally, the land operation and en sha'a Allah it will be a failure like the air operation. Tell me why did israel bomb Gaza for 8 days if they said that on the first day the destroyed %70-80 of Hamas capability. The answer is simple, they lied.

The original plan was that the first phase of air strikes will last one day and the next day it will be the land assault. They wanted to shock and dismantle Hamas physically and psychologically with the massive air assault on the first day. The second phase is a land assault to liquefy Hamas which should have been in total shock. Can you say ultimate failure?

Hamas was aware and ready for any Zionist aggression because as they said "they can't be trusted". Hamas had totally reorganized its map of operations as the emergency plan so the targets of the Israeli fighter jets were virtually nothing. The six months of studying Hamas location and movements have proven to go down the train as Hamas have been readying a super surprise for the Zionists. The 25,000 strong Hamas have only lost 200-250 men in the eight days of air strikes. Israel was the one in shock and awe because for 8 days it didn’t know what to do for the first phase which is the most important one has failed.

Now after eight days they find themselves forced to do something and fast to save its self from the humiliation of defeat of not achieving its goal against a group of militants. So they move for the land invasion and the officals have tottaly changed their tone about the goals. Now all they want is to teach Hamas a lesson that’s all.

Hamas even during the land assault have fired rockets into israel and on a military base as well. Sense the early 30 minutes of the land assaults Israeli casualties have been recorded. Hamas's moral is high and its confidence is solid which is obvious from the statements they make. Israel television is admitting that the Israeli forces are facing a really hard time and Hamas have kept them at bay until now. Israel which is supposed to be one of the strongest countries in the word is struggling against a group of militants in an area of 300 Km.

Hamas speakers have announced that they are well prepared and driven by revenge. Also they have advised the people of Gaza not to heed the rumors that the israelis might spread and to have faith in the resistance capabilities. Promising more "shaleets" and asking people just to wait until the sun comes out and the smoke to clear to see the real results on the ground.

Israel Hates Al-Jazeera

Israeli news papers were raging and foaming at the mouth trying to defend israels violations against humanity. One writer thought he can get people to stop watching Al-Jazeera news channel. Calling it a "Jihadist terrorist news channel" because it is not friendly to israel. "No wonder bin Laden sends his messages to AL-Jazeera" he said talking about dishonestly while using such statements. He accused Al-Jazeera with trying to "end israel" because its promoting israeli hatred. "You do not have to understand anything that they are saying you only need to watch for a minute the footage being shown" he said.

Someone please tell this moron that if israel doesn’t want to be hated then the solution is not that Al-Jazeera stops broadcasting the Israeli atrocities but the solution is that israel stops its atrocities in the first place. Al-Jazeera has proven it self worldwide and doesn’t need some racist Zionist to tell it what is and what's not ethical journalism. As the saying goes "The door of the carpenter is broken".

Al-Jazeera is doing such a good job exposing these hate filled modern time Nazis that this guy is calling for the shutdown of Al-Jazeera office in israel and to kick them out. "They should not be allowed to work here" he said. Wow, talk about freedom of speech. Ether you're pro Israeli or you don’t broadcast.

Another Zionist reporter was trying to give excuses to the killing of children due to assassinations. International law forbids such methods but this Zionist says that international aw is not mature enough. He actually is promoting the assassinations even if it takes the lives of the innocent and goes further on calling Hamas a terrorist organization that took over the people of Gaza. That should teach us something about hearing things from the mouth of the enemy. How ironic.

The Chosen People (Real ones)

7th day of the israeli massacre on the Gaza people is over. 431 murdered and over 2280 are injured. 74 among the dead are children and 26 are women which leaves us with 333 dead men. Hamas declared that about 200 of its men were martyred which leaves us with 133 men that are not affiliated with Hamas. Put in mind that Hamas is a government that has a militant branch so those 200 killed from Hamas are not all militants but employees, doctors, ministers and office clerks etc. So this means that out of the 431 that have fallen in the Israeli attacks 233 were civilians. Also put in mind that Hamas is 25,000 men strong. So these air strikes did nothing but violate international laws.

On the first day of the attack about 150 died in the first 30 minutes where 60 F16 fighter jets attacked Gaza. Let me ask the reader, why would you need 60 fighter jets to bomb Hamas? Does Hamas have anti-aircraft missiles? Does Hamas have tanks? Does Hamas have any weaponry that should be found in a regular army? The answer of course is NO. Hamas weaponry are old AK-47s some RPGs some grenades and some IEDs that they make themselves. Just the regular resistance weaponry package. Now with all the sophisticated technology can you tell me did Israel win the war yet?

Israel "bank of targets" have obviously ran out for it is reported that they have been bombing the same sites over and over again just to create a sense of continuity. The truth is that they are bankrupt but fear a land move and waiting for an opening to achieve success so they can avoid the land assault. Extremely similar to 2006s war the scenario seems to play itself out. Israel wants a deal that will keep the blockade on Gaza but stops the rockets. They obviously made wrong calculations again for it only means that the blockade must be lifted and Hamas isn’t selling out and promises dark surprises.

Foreigners were allowed to leave Gaza today. They are about 400 many of them are women married to Palestinian men. Also israel allowed some aid to enter Gaza but refused to allow the aid trucks of other countries such as Qatar. This move is obviously to try and defend itself later on when it is accused with genocide or human rights violations. Allowing the 400 foreigners to leave can be translated in many ways. One of them is a near land move but that’s not necessarily true. For a total land assault Israel will need at least 30,000 soldiers and that’s not the number available on the border. Some say that the land operation could be limited attacks and withdrawals if indeed israel gets the courage to actually start it.

On the other hand, Khalid Misha'al the head of the political office of Hamas has warned and promised israel a black fate and an other "Shaleet". He said that Hamas is well prepared for this battle and their internal front is solid and was not shaken by the Israeli attacks. Reality on the ground confirms his statement as after a week of the Israeli assault rockets are still fired on israel where israel told israelis in further cities to be on standby to hit the shelters in case of a Hamas attack.

Honestly what a cowardly bunch. Only 4 israelis were killed sense the end of the truce and these people are having panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. Their internal security chief had to duck under his car and lay next to his tires out of fear from a Qassam rocket. What a bunch of cowards those israelis are but when you turn to the Palestinians you see epic sagas of bravery being filmed. Families with only one member surviving talk to the camera and say "we will continue resisting, we back the Heroes Hamas and we will never surrender" or a man next to his injured son when asked how do you feel he says "This is our fate and we accept it and en sha'a Allah we will continue resisting".

This reminds me of two videos I saw today that disturbed me but also gave me hope. The first was a video of women from Gaza that had their families killed by the israelis that vowed their bodies to become bombs that will burn the bodies of the Israeli soldiers that think of entering their homes in case of a land oppression.

The second video is very graphic and it will make you understand why these women vow their body to become martyrs. Its the aftermath of a cowardly Israeli air strike on civilians were you see kids and men scattered in a pile with only two Hamas warriors among the martyrs. Very shortly Hamas lions come to the site and help clear the injured with the Gazans and saying good by to their dead friends in a spectacular moment of zeal. Just ask yourself why so many kids have to die by israelis? And why are they targeting civilians indiscriminately?

Today Israeli leaflets were thrown by planes on Gaza with Israeli terror messages. Terrorizing them that they will face the same fate of the "terrorists" if they help them and that they must call the number provided to inform them of "terrorist" locations. Of course the word "terrorists" is directed to Hamas the democratically eelected goverment that fights for rights given to it by UN resolutions. Now one understands why israel was targeting civilians. Its to strike fear into the rest of the people of Gaza and that they should not think for one minute that they wont be slaughtered if they do not cooperate. But the people of Gaza are not like any other people. They took the leaflets and laughed and tore them to pieces were some burned them or stepped on them. "These tactics won't work on us" one said. The people of Gaza are my new love, my new admiration. Their zeal is of biblical proportion and I wish I was amongst them. This is indeed Goliath vs. David and we all know who wins that one. They are without any doubt the real chosen people.

Day Six, Signs of Victory

Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh.

It’s the first day of the first month in 2009. What a happy new year. 420 dead and 2100 injured in the ethnic cleansing going on. The UN Security Council has disagreed with the Arab league proposal to stop the Israeli war machine saying that "it's not balanced". The Arab league says that there is a good base of supporters but they fear the proposal will be faced with an American Veto as usual. For that they said that they are preparing in case that happens a summit to study their action.

Nizar Rayyan whom is a senior Hamas official was killed with an air strike on his 4 storey house killing him and his 4 wives and 11 of his children and grand children. To Israel this is a great achievement which only shows that Israel is loosing the war on hamas. The 50 years old Nizar Rayyan was a scholar of hadith and a field commander. He refused to leave his house regardless of the advice he received from his friends. He has fulfilled his oath and we all are proud of him. May Allah grant him martyrdom and paradise without judgment.

Strategic experts say that the continuation of Hamas rocket attacks means the failure of the Israeli regime. Hamas officials stated that none of the rocket launching sites was destroyed. Confirming the statements are the reality that rocket attacks have increased and have reached deep into Israel and Hamas threatens to go deeper if this genocide of the people of Gaza doesn't stop. Israel admits that rockets have reached western Negev and Beer-sheva. It also admitted that a rocket have hit its biggest air force base. Also there are reports that Israel is trying to cover on damage were a rocket have fallen in Ashdod. So the main declared goal doesn’t seem to be near achievement to the israelis which means a failure. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. First it was Hezbullah who won this way then Israel studied, researched and planned to defeat this weak spot in her defense and came to try it on Hamas. Someone is failing again and hard.

On another level there is another kind of resistance. Israel has destroyed with an air strike Al-Aqsa channel yet its still broadcasting. Hamas have also infiltrated israels army radio waves sending messages every once in a while. Israel targets the Palestinians with its radio broadcasts telling them not to resist. Hamas have shaken the moral of the Zionist soldier with repeatedly infiltrating their radio channels and calling the Palestinians to continue the resistance.

The traitors on the west-bank are trying to subdue the Palestinians from shaking a third Intifada. Hamas have called on all factions to resist the occupations and many have indeed fired rockets. Fearing this situation, Israel have ordered its puppets to subdue it and warned the cities in range to get ready for the shelters as well as being on the watch. Livni that He-man said that Israel is helping Mahmoud Abbas out by this war on Gaza. Doesn’t war smoke out the traitors?