Be My Bro: Your Mask doesnt fit no more?

Your Mask doesnt fit no more?

Al Salam alykom wa Rahmat Allah

More than 390 were killed and over 1000 injured by now. Israel is boasting about her power and effectiveness against defenseless people which shows how strong they really are. They have been sending terror messages to the Gaza people saying stuff like "we will be amongst you soon". World officials have been condemning the israeli action all day except America of course. Wide protests have filled the streets of major cities all over the world and public anger is alarming to Israel. The internet front was also a surprise for the Zionists. It proved that their censorship and propaganda machines are overwhelmed as they didn’t expect this much electronic support. Those billions of American dollars they spend on building their huge mask isn’t enough it seems for it is too small for israels disgusting face which only gets bigger.

European parliament member Chris Davis compares the situation with a moment from history as he says "This is equivalent to a war like situation, the Second World War for example where the resistance kill one German soldier and the Germans burn down the entire village and slaughter its inhabitants as a result". Israel still claims that most of the casualties are Hamas men yet we are yet to see a single Hamas soldier dead. All we see are civilians corpses scattered in the streets or buried under the rubble of their homes. This is similar to 2006 where Israel claimed the same thing. At the end of the war the casualties of Israeli soldiers where more than Hizbullahs casualties and the thousand martyrs were mostly civilians.

We can predict the same pattern as we see the same signs. We are entering the 5th day and the Qassam missiles only intensified. Similar to 2006 the missiles have reached deeper into Israel and Hamas threatens to go deeper. Hamas sent a video message to Israel saying that if they try a land invasion then they promise them that the children of Gaza will pick up the corpses of their soldiers from the streets and alleyways of Gaza. They also promised that the Israelis will receive "volcanoes" and "Lava" that will burn them. The spokes man of Hamas was masked with a red Ghutra similar to the one worn by the Iraqi resistance which gives the impression of another Falujjah and a reminder to what a neighborhood did to the US army which is much stronger than the Israeli army by many folds. Hamas spokes men also warned that Israel will give the people of Gaza the death sentence if it does make a land move which also gives the impression that Hamas will use all un-kosher methods to save Gaza from death.

Just think for a second. Hizbullah was considered a terrorist organization before 2006 and by the end of the war Hizbullah became a major legitimate well recognized player with enormous influence in the region. This is exactly the same fate that awaits Hamas. Its either Hamas is completely annihilated which will not happen with cowardly air strikes, or It survives as a hero just like Hizbullah became a hero for surviving. Hamas already has the hearts of the people of Gaza and the Arab world so just imagine what Hamas will be after this nonsense is over. I'm saddened by the fallen but very optimistic to the future. Allah is the patron of Hamas. Who is the patron of the Zionists?

The icing on the cake of today was when the Israeli navy crashed a humanitarian rescue boat and called it an accident. The peace activists on board of the ship which carried much needed medical supplies said that Israeli ship started making maneuvers in front of them then all of them flashed their intense lights at them. One ship had all its lights off crashed to front of the boat where water started to pour in. They were denied to continue and were ordered to return to Cypress. With no fuel to get them back and water pouring into the ship they had to land in Lebanon.

The cherry on top of the icing however was Egypt's president Hussni Mubarak speech about the situation. Egypt is getting a lot of heat and hate on her role in this crisis so Mubarak came out angry and assuring in the same time. Hallow words said with arrogance. Mubarak was feeling that the world is ungrateful to the kindness of Egypt that it allowed some Palestinians to be hospitalized in its centers and allowed some humanitarian aid to go through the Rafah border. He should be thanked I guess for doing less than his duty.

That she-man Tzipi Livni even announced the attack from Egypt after meeting Mubarak. Not only that but when the Arab leaders were trying to assemble an emergency meeting Egypt objected to it. On the TV and the radio all across the Arab world Mubarak is getting cursed and being called a traitor. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because I can't pass rulings without evidence even though I'm pretty sure.

  1. Comment by roqayah on December 30, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

    When I see how Kalib Mubarak spoke of Sayid Hassan Nassrallah's speech,how he defies Allah's commandments of helping fellow Muslim brothers and sisters,how he refuses to let in even the dead in Gaza I feel like pulling my hair out.

    The Egyptians brag about removing Israel many many years before - look at them now,look at how pathetic the Arab leaders are.

    All of the leaders are worthless scum who would watch their own mothers get raped while they count their Zionist delivered cash stacks.

    What will it take?
    What will it take for us to all march down to Gaza and break down the smoke screen Israel has built in order to holocaust our people?
    We should all be on our feet,we should all be weeping and screaming out in pain for justice for these people.

    No human should suffer as they have suffered for one day,let alone 60 years.

    May those who support Israel be damned to the fires of hell where their flesh shall be scorched and burned a million times over,may they beg for mercy before Allah like the cowards pigs they are,and may their very souls regret the massacre of our people.

    Khaibar Khaibar ya Sahyoun, Jai'sh Muhammad Qadimoon!

    Je3een w Allah yse3idkon ya Israel,Allah yse3idkon ya kleb.

    If you want war you shall be given one that shall remind you of the days wherein The Prophet Musa (Moses) peace be upon him called out "Let my People go" before the wrath of God was sent upon Egypt.

    Get ready for our wrath oh accursed and exiled defilers of God's name,oh murderers of men,women and children,oh inhumae and vile creatures.

    The world has stood silent to you all for too long and now you shall hear the screams of our people as you sleep in comfort.