Be My Bro: A story

A story

There was this guy who loved being healed by a doctor. He was mesmerized by the fact that if he got injured that there is a person that would work so hard to fix him. He loved the thought of someone taking care of him without having to. So he began claiming that he is hurt just to see the doctor. Then slowly he realized that the doctor didn’t care much for him like he experienced in the past. He though "Maybe he knows that I'm lying". So he began hurting himself for real and then he noticed that the doctor began to care again. After a while the doctor stopped caring like he used to and would send his patient to the nurse so she takes care of his injuries. The Doctor understood what the man was doing and didn’t want him to continue in his habit. The man however was addicted to the doctor by now. So he cut his chest open and pulled his heart out "Now the doctor won't have a choice but to fix me himself". He stood there in front of the doctor with his heart in his hand in disbelief as the doctor totally ignored him. Late did he realize that he was already dead and the doctor couldn’t see his ghost. The thought of him being dead brought ease to his soul for at least he didn’t ignore him for real. Then the nurse came with his dead body into the doctors office and he thought to himself "Oh no! The doctor will be in ruins of he knew I have died". The doctor unzipped the body bag, took a look at his body and did a small shrug.

  1. Comment by robert on December 24, 2008 at 1:45 AM  

    lol mashAllah good post bro.

    i think to sum it up, be happy with what you have; contentment.

    happiness is a drug, so stop chasing the high. choose contentment