Be My Bro: Sharing a lollipop

Sharing a lollipop

Can you share a lollipop? Same people have no problem with that and even share bubblegum. To some people it depends on the person you're sharing it with and others can't share it at all. Not because they are cheap but because it's too personal now. If I had extra new in the rapper bubblegum ill give it away to anyone I see. If I am chewing one and do not want it anymore ill give it away to anyone who will accept it. If I am chewing one and someone asks me to share it with them I would ether refuse or give it away.

Seriously, imagine sharing a lollipop with "Fat bastard" from the movie "Austin powers". If that doesn’t disturb you then you're probably starving to death. What a good chance to thank Allah the Beneficent the Most Merciful for His blessings upon us and that he put us in a situation better than a lot of his servants. If I was starving to death I wouldn’t think twice about eating a lollipop that I found dropped in "Fat bastard's" toilet. Other than that, sharing in this way is disturbing to the stomach.

The Stomach isn’t the only thing that can be disturbed by sharing. Your materialistic sense can be disturbed as well. Imagine you spent 700.000 dollars on a Ferrari, they deliver it to you at your house and you can't wait to drive it the next morning. You wake up early next morning all exited to take it for a spin and you find out that the neighborhood kids have beaten you to that first drive and took turns driving it while you were asleep. You enter the car and find soda cans and trash all over the dashboard, the stench of cigarettes and an empty gas tank. Mind you no harm was caused to the car itself but will it still be the new Ferrari?

Another thing that can be disturbed is your person. Sharing is caring and to share something valuable is really selfless kind and generous. You can share your life with others and share your wealth. Yet there are things that do not tolerate being shared. In fact sharing them might be deemed unrighteous. It can get really tense when you find yourself in a situation that implies sharing those unshareable things. For such things kingdoms have fallen and heads have rolled. However you might find yourself in such situation and find that you have no say in the matter. It is not in your hands to decide for something that is unshareable to be shared or not. Unfortunately in such situation you can ether loose your person or loose that unshareable thing. So you remain with two choices. Ether refuse or give it away.

  1. Comment by um 3eesa on December 23, 2008 at 6:07 AM  

    I don't think there's anythin' wrong wit sharin' a lollipop!:P

    it's perfectly fine - increases the bond, strengthens the relationship! but then again, I wouldn't share my lollipop with a complete stranger - only a close loved one!