Be My Bro: No honor, dignity or shame comes natural with being a wimp AKA Israeli

No honor, dignity or shame comes natural with being a wimp AKA Israeli

Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

5th day is almost over with the total of 397 dead and 2000 injured. Hamas agreed on a ceasefire as long as the blockade is removed from the people of Gaza. Israel said no so its either kill them by starvation or kill them by bombing. Humanitarian organizations are calling it ethnic cleansing and protests are still going on. Yet America shows its full support yet again to Israel. Then they wonder why 911 happened!

While listening to the radio this morning Al-Jazeera brought on an old war strategist to talk on the situation. He was grumpy as hell. He must have been over 80 years old but he was dead on target. He said that Israel have been talking about a land invasion sense day one yet it didn’t do it and it probably never will. Why would they want to do that if they are able to attack from the air unless they want to totally annihilate Hamas which they don’t really want to do. They don’t want to create a vacuum for an unknown enemy to take. They want Hamas to stay but not the Hamas that everyone knows. They want a Hamas that they can shape. A friendly Hamas. An impotent Hamas. A Hamas that will be more like Fateh. I must agree with the grumpy old man. The talk of land invasion is psychological war. They try to scare people and try to direct Hamas's preparations to that direction.

Hamas isn’t stupid and can't be fooled. If this doesn’t stop Israel will find itself forced to go in and suffer but before that it will try through its political channels to withdraw with dignity like it tried in 2006 which failed. Hamas isn’t Fateh. They are people willing to blow their selves up for their land and people. The interviews with the fathers that lost all their children in air strikes should have sent a clear message to the israelis that there is no way that you can buy these people. Men that lost their entire family would say things such as "They killed all my daughters, that’s not a problem. We are all owned by Allah and to Allah we shall return". How does Israel expect to buy noble people like this? Hamas leaders have lost their sons and daughters to israelis and didn’t surrender in the past. It's just a blind man playing golf to think that Hamas will surrender.

The Arab league is split between those who want to act fast now and those who want to wait so they can plan an effective move. Surely there are traitors amongst them but surely there are those who are sincere. Hamas's Ismael Hannia said that they will not surrender and the blockade must be lifted and all passages must open without any conditions and he assures people that he is confident that they will be victorious. I'm confident as well.