Be My Bro: Day two, The scenario is clear.

Day two, The scenario is clear.

Al Salamu alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

While most of the world hates President Bush the israelies on the other hand adore him. They call him a "real hero" which is a little known fact. How could they not love him for he did so much for them. Now they are facing the danger of a new president that promises change. The new president wants to prove himself to his people and to the world. He has a golden opportunity to fix the grave mistakes that Bush made. This thought scares the israelies to death because they know that Bush's blind, over bias special treatment was one of those grave mistakes.

The israelies fear that they finally will have to act upon the UN resolutions that they have been trying to avoid and that all the effort spent to force the Palestinians to sign other agreements that suits them might go in vain. The first shock was when Hamas was democratically elected. The israelis do not want to return the lands of 48 nor allow the displaced refugees to return. Both rights that Hamas doesn’t seem willing to let go off. So plots and plans have been made to remove Hamas from the negotiation table and place someone who will agree to their terms of the deal.

First they attempted exile but Hamas proved that it can't be ignored. Then when it was time for making peace Israel created the internal struggle and claimed that she can't make peace because there isn’t a peace partner to shake hands with. Hamas again won the upper hand in the internal struggle and proved that peace can not be made without it. Frustrated with the stubbornness of Hamas and not willing to submit to international laws and agreements and realizing that the pressure of assassinations and harassment isn’t shaking the will of Hamas, Israel chose to take another rout.

The Zionist regime chose to pressure Hamas through the Palestinians that elected Hamas so it forced a blockade on Gaza and forbade food fuel and medicine to reach its inhabitant. This collective punishment is very well deserved as the israelis say "They elected Hamas so they must suffer". With the increasing amounts of global condemnations and question marks and the fear for israels global approval and image that have been bent to the brink of the breaking point, Israel knew that this blockade can not last any longer. Specially that the blockade doesn’t seem to have had an effect on the Palestinians, which started to eat grass out of hunger but didn’t change their stance aside their government.

Suddenly, the Israel that believes in the principle of "It doesn’t matter that we reach an agreement, what matters is that the process keeps going" found the clock ticking and not to its advantage. The Zionists regime had to take the option of the desperate and planned to take out Hamas. A plan that was made at the same time as they have agreed on a ceasefire as officially announced, how nice. It's also a good chance to save the tarnished military image it received after 33 days of defeat in Lebanon in 2006. Sick of the image of the weak link it attacked the starving people of Gaza with a huge fleet of F16. Two days have passed and the casualties are 300 dead, 800 injured and rising. Israel proved that shame and honor are not in her dictionary. It's like continually stabbing an old sick hungry homeless man that is trapped in a cage with a long thin spear.

The goal is to create a new reality on the ground before the new president starts the negotiations. A reality that suites them. A reality that will agree to the israeli terms. They want a partner that they choose. Someone that will give up their given rights for nothing. Of course this partner can not be Hamas. So Hamas must go.

It really does seem like the end of Israel is at hand. In 2006 a group of guerilla men rendered Israel helpless as a legless sheep. If they fail against Hamas then it will be official that Israel is the beast of the past and an easy pushover for the rest of the world. Of course Israel must not allow that given the reputation that it built using American charity money that was spent the wrong way. It will have to subdue Hamas even if it meant crossing all the red lines and what a pitiful situation it is. Hamas's popularity is increasing in the Arab street which puts more pressure on the governments to take actions against Israel. Palestinians are joining Hamas as well to help fight in this showdown. Gaza is a jungle of light fire arms and experienced resistance fighters that are pros in improvised devises and Israel knows that pretty well. That is why they need the "shock and awe" effect which they think will help disperse Hamas arrangements. Hamas have already gone underground praying for the land move to come as soon as possible. Come and get it merkavas.