Be My Bro: Photos I found inside my phone

Photos I found inside my phone

Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

So my good mother bought me an iphone. Yay yippee hooray and Allah Akbar. I actually like it a lot. My previous mobile phone wasn't even mine it was my dads. He gave it to me to use it because my phone (Which was a present from a friend as well) was ruined beyond repair. Don't trust those glove compartments for my mobile was soaked in sea salt water. I believe the last mobile phone I bought was between 2000 and 2003.

Anyway I was doing this transition thing from my previous phone and saving contacts and pictures. While doing that I came across a lot of pictures so I thought i'd share some with you. Don't get too excited because I will only share things that are random weird and not directly attached to me....well maybe some.

Of course, how can this blog be complete without a picture of Samboosa in the bathtub. Not only on the top of the blog but also this picture wasn't taken by the phone camera. That's how special this rodent is.

Here it is in the tub after being caught.

This is a scratch on my dad's new (then) range rover. He got into an argument with some guy over a parking space and when he came back he found this sign of anger and envy across the body. He took this picture and went to the police station and they told him we don't have a clue who did this to you because my dad didn't catch that guys plates. So my dad began his personal stalking mission and he found the car took the numbers.....and then he had a change of heart and forgave him....I wish he didn't because I think people like that could repeat such things to others. He is fortunate that my father is a kind man.

This is some grouchy trashcan kitten. Sorry kitten, Sambosa is engaged to some rich cat from the suburbs.

PS: This cat is still around. I think there is a big chance that Sambosa will bare its children.

This is what happens when the desert gets some rain. It turns green. We went camping in the beautiful desert which felt like a Savanna. The sad part that this picture doesn't give justice to the actual panoramic view which is amazing. In this photo we are actually on top of a sand dune. You can see in the distance the tire marks on the sand going up the sand dune from the bottom. I took this picture in haste.

Yeah that's me in the car. Polluting the air and destroying the vegetation. Notice how my face is artistically hidden by the side mirror which happened by coincidence. This Japanese piece of metal is my 1997 single door Nissan Patrol. This kind of SUV is very popular around this region for being a sand toy. It's rare to find a clean one so the prices of these models are higher than newer ones….sometimes.

This is me being stupid in high school. Trying to drive on two wheels with a car full of people.

This is part of a huge model of what is called "Hamad medical city". Those buildings on the left used to be hostels for the Asian games athletes.

This is for the conspiracy theorists out there. This is my friend's beret. He is in the police force of the UAE. Now what is strange is that in the inside of the beret it reads something like "Blessed by her Majesty the Queen" or something like that with that symbol over it. Sorry for the blurred picture. That's as much focus the Nokia can handle.

My dad obviously took this picture of the TV. It was the first footage of the corpse of Saddam after his unjust execution. I say unjust because even if he was guilty the whole trial was a scam and a bad play. He gained the respect of his enemies and the hearts of Arab world. It's an obvious message to the leaders of the middle-east from America "Obey or this could be you".

It reads "McCain...You'll Love Our Fries!"

In collage my car was so dirty that people left messages on it.

This one says:
"Say Salam to Jassim......Dr. Ubaida".

I took this picture to show it to Jassim.

No, this is not the thing from Alien. It's a stingray that strangely got caught on the hook of my mother's maid. She doesn't know how to fish but always catches the good stuff.

Sometimes you feel bored and lonely you feel like treating yourself to something special. Here I cooked some steak. This project is called "Rib eye on a budget". But honestly doesn't it look good? It sure did taste good.

I showed this picture to my cousin and the following week we made a BBQ plan.
We almost suffocated because I had the wise idea of BBQing inside our apartment.

The stuff on the right is "grilled/fried turkey" and the stuff at the bottom is "grilled/fried brown bread".

That's HD BBQ sauce and not ketchup and I seasoned the steak with Thyme and Pepper. Believe you me...it was Thee Steak!

Yeah this is a sad story. We went to a restaurant and this waiter had an attitude. Lucky for us he gave us by mistake a dirty fork. We scared the crap out of him and the manger by the threat of showing this picture to the main branch. They gave us a lousy discount "We left saying we are going directly there" meaning the main branch.....we didn't. We are not evil.

I guess this is one pointless post

Al Salam alykom.

  1. Comment by um 3eesa on October 22, 2008 at 4:18 PM  

    Salam 3lykm

    Head over heels in loOoVe with that purrin' beauty! Ain't a rodent! -.-

    Lovin' the ride, too (Y)

    Post 'useless' posts more often ;P

  2. Comment by bb_aisha on October 25, 2008 at 6:55 AM  

    Sambosa is cute. I must post pics of our pets too-mean meaning to do so for ages.

  3. Comment by sadia on October 29, 2008 at 1:47 PM  

    cuuuuuute cat mashallah...hmm if only my mom wasn't allergic :(
    anyway, i saw your youtube channel and it's great mashallah.

    and your pic from when you were in high school....SCARY!

    did you guys eat the stingray??? if yes, how was it???..lol