Be My Bro: 2008

Meat sandwich

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

SHYGAIA, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Maintaining a night vigil along the border with Israel, Hamas fighters sat within reach of a device connected to wires running underground.

"What you see are little surprises, but what awaits (the Israelis) is beyond their imagination," said Abu Sakher, a Hamas battalion commander making the rounds of frontier positions held by his men awaiting a possible invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Abu Sakher did not elaborate, but the wires were attached to a battery-like device that might have been a detonator for a land mine to be used against Israeli armor or infantry.

"Not only are our surprises hidden, but so are our men, and if the Zionists enter, they will be met where they never expected to be confronted," he said.

Hamas's armed wing is believed to have 25,000 fighters, some of them members of an "engineers" unit of bomb- and rocket-making experts.

Hamas officials said the air offensive Israel began on Saturday has failed to weaken the Islamist group, despite the deaths of at least 200 members of its forces in the bombings.

Israeli military affairs experts say Hamas has been dealt a painful blow but it still has much fight in it.

Hamas rockets have now reached deep into southern Israel, hitting the major city of Beersheba, 40 km (24 miles) from the Gaza Strip, in defiance of the declared aim of the Israeli offensive to halt such attacks.

Clutching their AK-47 assault rifles and hiding behind trees, masked Hamas gunmen in military-style clothing reported by field radio their observations of Israeli military movements just across the frontier.

"Zionist tanks were seen moving along the border line and warplanes returned east. Please take care, and again we stress that every fighter should turn off his mobile telephone and remove its battery," a voice said on the radio.

Checking on his men's positions, Abu Sakher told one fighter to keep his rifle at hand.

"Is your RPG (rocket-propelled grenade launcher) ready?" the commander asked.

Two fighters, opening a box containing sandwiches and a bottle of Coca-Cola, shared their thoughts about the Israeli soldiers they may soon have to face.

"The difference between us and them is that they await passionately for the day they can return home safely, while we leave our houses, bid farewell to our families and hope to die as martyrs," one of the men said.

"We will tear them like this," said the other, taking a bite of his meat sandwich.

(Editing by Matthew Tostevin)

No honor, dignity or shame comes natural with being a wimp AKA Israeli

Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

5th day is almost over with the total of 397 dead and 2000 injured. Hamas agreed on a ceasefire as long as the blockade is removed from the people of Gaza. Israel said no so its either kill them by starvation or kill them by bombing. Humanitarian organizations are calling it ethnic cleansing and protests are still going on. Yet America shows its full support yet again to Israel. Then they wonder why 911 happened!

While listening to the radio this morning Al-Jazeera brought on an old war strategist to talk on the situation. He was grumpy as hell. He must have been over 80 years old but he was dead on target. He said that Israel have been talking about a land invasion sense day one yet it didn’t do it and it probably never will. Why would they want to do that if they are able to attack from the air unless they want to totally annihilate Hamas which they don’t really want to do. They don’t want to create a vacuum for an unknown enemy to take. They want Hamas to stay but not the Hamas that everyone knows. They want a Hamas that they can shape. A friendly Hamas. An impotent Hamas. A Hamas that will be more like Fateh. I must agree with the grumpy old man. The talk of land invasion is psychological war. They try to scare people and try to direct Hamas's preparations to that direction.

Hamas isn’t stupid and can't be fooled. If this doesn’t stop Israel will find itself forced to go in and suffer but before that it will try through its political channels to withdraw with dignity like it tried in 2006 which failed. Hamas isn’t Fateh. They are people willing to blow their selves up for their land and people. The interviews with the fathers that lost all their children in air strikes should have sent a clear message to the israelis that there is no way that you can buy these people. Men that lost their entire family would say things such as "They killed all my daughters, that’s not a problem. We are all owned by Allah and to Allah we shall return". How does Israel expect to buy noble people like this? Hamas leaders have lost their sons and daughters to israelis and didn’t surrender in the past. It's just a blind man playing golf to think that Hamas will surrender.

The Arab league is split between those who want to act fast now and those who want to wait so they can plan an effective move. Surely there are traitors amongst them but surely there are those who are sincere. Hamas's Ismael Hannia said that they will not surrender and the blockade must be lifted and all passages must open without any conditions and he assures people that he is confident that they will be victorious. I'm confident as well.

Your Mask doesnt fit no more?

Al Salam alykom wa Rahmat Allah

More than 390 were killed and over 1000 injured by now. Israel is boasting about her power and effectiveness against defenseless people which shows how strong they really are. They have been sending terror messages to the Gaza people saying stuff like "we will be amongst you soon". World officials have been condemning the israeli action all day except America of course. Wide protests have filled the streets of major cities all over the world and public anger is alarming to Israel. The internet front was also a surprise for the Zionists. It proved that their censorship and propaganda machines are overwhelmed as they didn’t expect this much electronic support. Those billions of American dollars they spend on building their huge mask isn’t enough it seems for it is too small for israels disgusting face which only gets bigger.

European parliament member Chris Davis compares the situation with a moment from history as he says "This is equivalent to a war like situation, the Second World War for example where the resistance kill one German soldier and the Germans burn down the entire village and slaughter its inhabitants as a result". Israel still claims that most of the casualties are Hamas men yet we are yet to see a single Hamas soldier dead. All we see are civilians corpses scattered in the streets or buried under the rubble of their homes. This is similar to 2006 where Israel claimed the same thing. At the end of the war the casualties of Israeli soldiers where more than Hizbullahs casualties and the thousand martyrs were mostly civilians.

We can predict the same pattern as we see the same signs. We are entering the 5th day and the Qassam missiles only intensified. Similar to 2006 the missiles have reached deeper into Israel and Hamas threatens to go deeper. Hamas sent a video message to Israel saying that if they try a land invasion then they promise them that the children of Gaza will pick up the corpses of their soldiers from the streets and alleyways of Gaza. They also promised that the Israelis will receive "volcanoes" and "Lava" that will burn them. The spokes man of Hamas was masked with a red Ghutra similar to the one worn by the Iraqi resistance which gives the impression of another Falujjah and a reminder to what a neighborhood did to the US army which is much stronger than the Israeli army by many folds. Hamas spokes men also warned that Israel will give the people of Gaza the death sentence if it does make a land move which also gives the impression that Hamas will use all un-kosher methods to save Gaza from death.

Just think for a second. Hizbullah was considered a terrorist organization before 2006 and by the end of the war Hizbullah became a major legitimate well recognized player with enormous influence in the region. This is exactly the same fate that awaits Hamas. Its either Hamas is completely annihilated which will not happen with cowardly air strikes, or It survives as a hero just like Hizbullah became a hero for surviving. Hamas already has the hearts of the people of Gaza and the Arab world so just imagine what Hamas will be after this nonsense is over. I'm saddened by the fallen but very optimistic to the future. Allah is the patron of Hamas. Who is the patron of the Zionists?

The icing on the cake of today was when the Israeli navy crashed a humanitarian rescue boat and called it an accident. The peace activists on board of the ship which carried much needed medical supplies said that Israeli ship started making maneuvers in front of them then all of them flashed their intense lights at them. One ship had all its lights off crashed to front of the boat where water started to pour in. They were denied to continue and were ordered to return to Cypress. With no fuel to get them back and water pouring into the ship they had to land in Lebanon.

The cherry on top of the icing however was Egypt's president Hussni Mubarak speech about the situation. Egypt is getting a lot of heat and hate on her role in this crisis so Mubarak came out angry and assuring in the same time. Hallow words said with arrogance. Mubarak was feeling that the world is ungrateful to the kindness of Egypt that it allowed some Palestinians to be hospitalized in its centers and allowed some humanitarian aid to go through the Rafah border. He should be thanked I guess for doing less than his duty.

That she-man Tzipi Livni even announced the attack from Egypt after meeting Mubarak. Not only that but when the Arab leaders were trying to assemble an emergency meeting Egypt objected to it. On the TV and the radio all across the Arab world Mubarak is getting cursed and being called a traitor. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because I can't pass rulings without evidence even though I'm pretty sure.

Bless your hands

Al Salam alykom wa Rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

Israel continues to try to claim that Hamas is the one that broke the ceasefire. It wont work and people are not blind. How can the Palestinians not defend themselves when they are starving to death. When only 15 trucks of goods is allowed through the boarder to supply 1.5 million Palestinians. Israel have repeatedly broke the ceasefire times and times again and Hamas have been holding back. When it was too much they responded and Israel without any shame pointed the finger at Hamas saying "Uh HAAAAAA you broke it". They didn't they just responded. It is not the other way around like their propaganda machine is trying hard to paint.

Bless your hands men of Qassam. This is truly David vs. Goliath and we all know who wins at the end. How can your hands not be blessed when you fight against such injustice. Fight, for if the would would give birth to only noble men it will give birth to you. Defend the helpless and revenge the innocent by the help of Allah. Isn't Allah enough as a helper.

Day two, The scenario is clear.

Al Salamu alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

While most of the world hates President Bush the israelies on the other hand adore him. They call him a "real hero" which is a little known fact. How could they not love him for he did so much for them. Now they are facing the danger of a new president that promises change. The new president wants to prove himself to his people and to the world. He has a golden opportunity to fix the grave mistakes that Bush made. This thought scares the israelies to death because they know that Bush's blind, over bias special treatment was one of those grave mistakes.

The israelies fear that they finally will have to act upon the UN resolutions that they have been trying to avoid and that all the effort spent to force the Palestinians to sign other agreements that suits them might go in vain. The first shock was when Hamas was democratically elected. The israelis do not want to return the lands of 48 nor allow the displaced refugees to return. Both rights that Hamas doesn’t seem willing to let go off. So plots and plans have been made to remove Hamas from the negotiation table and place someone who will agree to their terms of the deal.

First they attempted exile but Hamas proved that it can't be ignored. Then when it was time for making peace Israel created the internal struggle and claimed that she can't make peace because there isn’t a peace partner to shake hands with. Hamas again won the upper hand in the internal struggle and proved that peace can not be made without it. Frustrated with the stubbornness of Hamas and not willing to submit to international laws and agreements and realizing that the pressure of assassinations and harassment isn’t shaking the will of Hamas, Israel chose to take another rout.

The Zionist regime chose to pressure Hamas through the Palestinians that elected Hamas so it forced a blockade on Gaza and forbade food fuel and medicine to reach its inhabitant. This collective punishment is very well deserved as the israelis say "They elected Hamas so they must suffer". With the increasing amounts of global condemnations and question marks and the fear for israels global approval and image that have been bent to the brink of the breaking point, Israel knew that this blockade can not last any longer. Specially that the blockade doesn’t seem to have had an effect on the Palestinians, which started to eat grass out of hunger but didn’t change their stance aside their government.

Suddenly, the Israel that believes in the principle of "It doesn’t matter that we reach an agreement, what matters is that the process keeps going" found the clock ticking and not to its advantage. The Zionists regime had to take the option of the desperate and planned to take out Hamas. A plan that was made at the same time as they have agreed on a ceasefire as officially announced, how nice. It's also a good chance to save the tarnished military image it received after 33 days of defeat in Lebanon in 2006. Sick of the image of the weak link it attacked the starving people of Gaza with a huge fleet of F16. Two days have passed and the casualties are 300 dead, 800 injured and rising. Israel proved that shame and honor are not in her dictionary. It's like continually stabbing an old sick hungry homeless man that is trapped in a cage with a long thin spear.

The goal is to create a new reality on the ground before the new president starts the negotiations. A reality that suites them. A reality that will agree to the israeli terms. They want a partner that they choose. Someone that will give up their given rights for nothing. Of course this partner can not be Hamas. So Hamas must go.

It really does seem like the end of Israel is at hand. In 2006 a group of guerilla men rendered Israel helpless as a legless sheep. If they fail against Hamas then it will be official that Israel is the beast of the past and an easy pushover for the rest of the world. Of course Israel must not allow that given the reputation that it built using American charity money that was spent the wrong way. It will have to subdue Hamas even if it meant crossing all the red lines and what a pitiful situation it is. Hamas's popularity is increasing in the Arab street which puts more pressure on the governments to take actions against Israel. Palestinians are joining Hamas as well to help fight in this showdown. Gaza is a jungle of light fire arms and experienced resistance fighters that are pros in improvised devises and Israel knows that pretty well. That is why they need the "shock and awe" effect which they think will help disperse Hamas arrangements. Hamas have already gone underground praying for the land move to come as soon as possible. Come and get it merkavas.

Apes of the Sabbath

It is indeed the 21st century no doubt and we are close to the New Year. In a few days we will say goodbye to 2008 and Hi to 2009. Guess who refuses to catch up with the times?

Israel apparently lives in the Dark Age's mentality. Today the 27th of December which is ironically a Sabbath day Israel attacked yet again the Palestinians. This time after starving them for years it broke the truce by air strikes and naturally the resistance attacked back with their Qassam rockets (katyusha). It's now very clear that Israel was fishing for an excuse to launch a full scale massacre on barefoot starving homeless people.

Very similar to the 2006 attack on Lebanon where they killed thousands of civilians and destroyed the countries infrastructure because Hezbullah kidnapped a soldier to exchange him with some of the 11,000 captives that Israel hold without trial. Of course everyone knows how humiliated Israel was after a month of defeat and global uproar against its barbaric mentality.

Today, in an attempt to save its dignity Israeli picked a fight with a defenseless people that live within it caged in a prison called Gaza. With only 139 square miles with a population of 1.5 million Israel began heavily and cowardly bombarding this area with F16 on defenseless people. Just within half an hour 155 where killed and 200 injured. Hamas announced that 40 of its men were martyred which makes you wonder about the rest of the dead. With a very cowardly and shameless statement about the bombardment the military spokesman Avi Benayahu said "only just beginning,"

What kind of word do we live in that allows such actions to take place. Ironically Zionist take offense to being called Nazis for some reason. I'm sure that the "ist" of the future will take offense to being called a Zionist. These regimes can not last because the natural system rejects them and 60 years of this nonsense is almost reaching the over limit line. The scenario is repetitive, the Zionists will be abandoned, chased around and killed like dogs.

Just like all the racist ideologies before it, it will end in a glamorous victory to freedom and resistance and go down in history as another black dot in its white sheets. People will look back and say "Why didn’t people say nor do anything back then to help stop the Zionists?" The choice is yours. Do you want to be among the majority of cowards or do you want to be among the few that stood against it.

A Puzzle

This is for all of you puzzle lovers out there. Da vinci code? Oh no. This is BeMyCode

"The answer is in the picture!!"

Thank you my friend

Al Salam alykom

My brother in Islam who I have known recently through the internet and had became a good friend of mine have done me a huge favor for the sake of Allah. I never met him face to face and 12 hours separates us from each other yet he didn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand without even being asked. He helped me get rid of something that have been bothering me for sometime because I was lacking the medium to conduct it and he have provided it by the will of Allah. May the hadith of the seven who are shaded under the shadow of Allah on judgment day apply on us. Thank you my friend.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "seven people will be shaded by Allah under His shade on the day when there will be no shade except His. They are: (1) a just ruler; (2) a young man who has been brought up in the worship of Allah, (i.e. worship Allah (Alone) sincerely from his childhood), (3) a man whose heart is attached to the mosque (who offers the five compulsory congregational prayers in the mosque); (4) two persons who love each other only for Allah's sake and they meet and part in Allah's cause only; (5) a man who refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth for an illegal sexual intercourse with her and says: I am afraid of Allah; (6) a person who practices charity so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given (i.e. nobody knows how much he has given in charity). (7) a person who remembers Allah in seclusion and his eyes get flooded with tears." (Book #24, Hadith #504) Sahih Al-Bukhari.

A story

There was this guy who loved being healed by a doctor. He was mesmerized by the fact that if he got injured that there is a person that would work so hard to fix him. He loved the thought of someone taking care of him without having to. So he began claiming that he is hurt just to see the doctor. Then slowly he realized that the doctor didn’t care much for him like he experienced in the past. He though "Maybe he knows that I'm lying". So he began hurting himself for real and then he noticed that the doctor began to care again. After a while the doctor stopped caring like he used to and would send his patient to the nurse so she takes care of his injuries. The Doctor understood what the man was doing and didn’t want him to continue in his habit. The man however was addicted to the doctor by now. So he cut his chest open and pulled his heart out "Now the doctor won't have a choice but to fix me himself". He stood there in front of the doctor with his heart in his hand in disbelief as the doctor totally ignored him. Late did he realize that he was already dead and the doctor couldn’t see his ghost. The thought of him being dead brought ease to his soul for at least he didn’t ignore him for real. Then the nurse came with his dead body into the doctors office and he thought to himself "Oh no! The doctor will be in ruins of he knew I have died". The doctor unzipped the body bag, took a look at his body and did a small shrug.

Inside USA - The Other Hawaii - Sept 26 - Part 1


Al Salam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh

Just woke up an hour or so ago. Slept for 12 hours! Yeah its not the regular kind because I'm used to the common cold. I feel so fortunate and such a cry baby at the same time to sit here complain about a cold while having hot soup. I wonder how less fortunate people are feeling. May Allah cure them and ease their pain. My nose is like running tap water. I didn’t know I drank so much water!

Yesterday, while I was getting sick, I went to pay my phone bill again. The previous one I paid late somewhere around the beginning of this month. Something around $190. It's okay because I knew I made some international calls. Two weeks later another bill comes in and I receive an SMS on my phone that says I have passed 70% of allowed credit or something. I said to myself it must be a mistake. They must have not been updated with the fact that I just paid my bill. So yesterday I went to make sure and I was shocked. $480 just this month!! I was thinking "but I didn’t even talk on the phone". Turns out, the month starts on the 18th of November.

I'm glad I had that kind of money in my pocket. Both of my ATM cards were locked for some reason and the ATM will spit them out like it doesn’t want to serve me. I usually go get a new card and a new pin code so I went to the nearest branch and told them about it and they told me to go to the branch that I opened the account with. "But that branch is in Ummsaieed city" I said. Ummsaieed city is a very far city my father used to work at. He opened my first account for me when I was underage and I haven’t used this account for over a year. "You have to go there, sorry" the clerk said.

So I drove all the way there and withdrew all my "fortune" with them and closed my account. Drove back to my other bank and withdrew all my "fortune" with them and closed my account there as well. Then I drove to a fully Islamic bank and opened an account and deposited some of my "fortune" with them and left some as pocket money. I wanted to do that for a long time but was too lazy to drive that far. Alhamdu lillah I got that out of the way.


Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

"Of the believers are men who are true to that which they covenanted with Allah. Some of them have paid their vow by death (in battle), and some of them still are waiting; and they have not altered in the least"
[AL-AHZAB: 23]

The Zionists tried everything. Last they did and continue doing is starving the people of Gaza. Ether they die of starvation or reject the government that they have elected. So far the Palestinians have not been shaken. Unhappy with this stance that doesn’t seem like its going to change anytime in the next century the Zionists decided to break the cease fire and blame it on the Palestinians as usual. Random air-strikes on civilians aren't new to the Palestinians nor are random shells. The Palestinians though without food are surely not without the spirit of defending the land and honor. Home made Qassam rockets are fired in return at the Zionist high-tech war machine rendering it to a beast made of paper.

Informing the UN that the Zionists have the right to "defend them selves" they plan to repeat what happened in Lebanon in 2006 but this time they want to "legalize it". The nerve on such hateful warmongering ideology that has no regards to its honor or face water is unbelievable. To kill a bunch of civilians with fighter jets and then complain about some six foot amateur rockets being fired at you as a response is almost comedy.

"Whenever they shoot at Israel, Israel must respond." Said the current israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni.

Sure, you must respond. And also the Palestinians must respond and will respond and continue to respond to whenever the Zionist regime shoots at them. Israeli forces are gathering and being concentrated around Gaza strip.
Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, said at his cabinet's weekly meeting on Sunday: "The scenarios are clear, the plans are clear, the determination is clear, and so are the ramifications of each of the steps."
"A responsible government is not happy to go to war, but does not evade it,"
Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud party leader also said:
"In the long-term, we will have to topple the Hamas regime,"
Sounds a lot like 2006 doesn’t it. Just like they wanted to end Hizbullah but it didn’t turn out they way they wanted did it. Its obvious that the Zionists are aiming to restore their lost dignity in south Lebanon as they have declared several times that they need to save the image of the "indestructible army" which ironically was destroyed by a guerilla group that used gas cylinders to blowup their "legendary" Merkava tanks. A humiliation so deep that if you type "Merkava" in google it will result in images of destroyed merkava tanks in south Lebanon.

Now mind you Hamas isn’t Hisbullah. Hizbullah fights for their captives but Hamas fights to die. Going into Gaza would be a nice chrismas present for Hamas no doubt. Now they can play hunt the Zionist instead of shooting rockets from behind a wall. The plan of starving them to weaken them will backlash at the Zionists because there is no sweeter blood than zionsit blood to a hungry Palestinian. What can the Zionists do? Public Cleansing? Genocide? Starvation? Imprisonment? Torture? All of these are the current situation of the Palestinians so they don’t have anything to loose really.
Palestinians do not care for public opinion anymore because the word have shamefully turned its back to them so whatever statements the Zionist will make wont really matter to them. Zionism isn’t the wisest regime it seems. They can't take a hint after 60 years of resistance, generation after generation, rising from the blood of the generations before them. You can not beat a people that see paradise at the end of your guns barrel.

Isnt it enough that the Apostle of Allah prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said:
"There will still remain a group of my Nation who will establish Allah's Ordinance. They will never be harmed by their opponents until Allah's Ordinance prevails while they are victorious over people." [Note: Agreed upon on the authority of Mu'awiyah]

When was the last time you saw Muslims surrender?

You cant beat them....you can always try though.